21 Sep

VisionGreen celebrates DHL Supply Chain's visionary commitment to driving biomethane usage in its Irish transport network recently announced in the Irish Times. This initiative also underscores the power of small businesses conceiving big ideas that, at first glance, may seem insurmountable. 

VisionGreen's journey from a visionary concept to a pivotal partner in this transformative project exemplifies the boundless potential of the impact SMEs can have. It serves as a reminder that with determination and strategic partnerships, even the boldest of dreams can become a reality, driving positive change and sustainability on a grand scale.

DHL's €80 million investment in a dedicated biomethane production facility in Cork, operated by Stream BioEnergy, represents a groundbreaking step towards carbon neutrality in the transportation sector. Undertaken in partnership with Tesco Ireland, this paves the way for a greener future but also showcases the power of collaboration between industry leaders. 

By supporting the biomethane production facility, DHL Supply Chain is making a big impact on Ireland's environment and economy. The facility is set to create 130 jobs and reduce carbon emissions by a substantial 15,000 tonnes annually, equivalent to over 38 million miles driven by an average petrol-powered passenger vehicle.

Our collective efforts are reshaping the landscape of Irish transportation, ushering in a transformative era of eco-conscious logistics. Together with DHL and Tesco, VisionGreen have facilitated this transition, propelling us towards a future where sustainable transport isn't just a goal but a reality. This partnership is revolutionising Ireland's transportation industry and illuminating a brighter, cleaner future for our planet.

As DHL Supply Chain and Tesco Ireland take resolute steps toward carbon neutrality, VisionGreen proudly stands alongside them, recognizing the significant impact of our collaboration. In harmony with VisionGreen's core mission to provide impactful sustainability solutions, we are delighted to have played a pivotal role in forging a greener path forward.

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